Zillow is Changing, Do You Make the Mark?

Where My Leads At?

As a real estate agent, you are faced with lots of challenges, one of the most common affecting your business is getting leads. Zillow (the most popular real estate website in the United States) offers a few options in this arena, one of the most popular being that of Premier Agent, or should we say “Zillow Premier Agent” as it has recently announced. Being a Zillow Premier Agent allows you to purchase leads directly in a zip code you service, depending on availability and budget. This means you can find people buying a home in Chesapeake just as easily as finding buyers in Virginia Beach. No zip code is off limits... as long as you have the money.

You might be thinking that anyone with some marketing moolah could purchase a direct link to these leads and you’d be right! But things are about to change.

Buyers on on zillow

Zillow Grows a Conscious

With new program Zillow Offers expected to take over as the big money maker, Zillow seems to not be as concerned with their previous cash cow, Premier Agent. They don’t feel that taking sub-par agents’ money is their best move. Instead, they are moving towards a more client centric functionality and only putting the best agents in touch with leads.

Getting in touch with leads

Zillow reported that nearly half of the leads that fill out contact forms through their site never heard back from a real estate professional that could help them.


Yes, there are leads out there just floating around in space waiting for someone to call them. The good news is, this could be YOU! If you are a Zillow Premier Agent, you now have three automated surveys that go out to every lead you connect with.

  • 24 hours after connection
  • 15 days after connection
  • 45 days after connection

Best of Zillow

With the collection of these surveys and your previous reviews on Zillow, you will be graded. A 90 or above earns you the badge of “Best of Zillow” on your profile. This comes with other awesome perks too such as “exclusive tools” and maybe even some screen time in their online and televised marketing campaigns (yay free publicity!)

These truly will be the best agents on the block (at least according to Zillow and lots of verified clients) so if ever there was a time to step up your game, this is a good enough reason.

The fact is that you can be an awesome agent and NOT be a Zillow Premier Agents, but don’t forget where your leads are, cause although you might be building your website and boosting your Facebook posts, potential clients are checking out Zillow and wondering why no one is calling them...

Reviews matter! If you’re not asking for your clients feedback, now Zillow will

The Not-So-Cool Kids

Ok, let’s talk about the down side of the surveys. If you are currently a Zillow Premier Agent and they do not score you above a 73, you will be given three-month grace period to improve your score.  You have resources and tools galore, but if you don’t improve, you will ultimately be removed from the platform.

What Should Hampton Roads Agent Do?

Well, be awesome. This applies to ALL agents, everywhere! Keep kicking butt and taking names. Keep serving clients as best you can and don’t be shy about asking for reviews and referrals. If buying leads from Zillow is in your marketing mix (as is often recommended), make sure you have a set up to reply to leads, give them as much info as possible and let them know you are there to help. Genuine conversation and contact go a long way and Zillow is taking notes.

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