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Ten Tips to Keep Your Child Safe This School Year

Hello again, and welcome to the second part of our back-to-school series of blogs! Last time, we talked about how to prepare and reduce stress in the coming school year, but this time we are discussing a more serious matter. This matter is of course, safety. You may think that child safety involves just protecting your children from malicious strangers but in all likelihood, injuries obtained on the way to school and in the school zone itself may also be at the top of that list. The World Health Organization estimates that 2,000 children are killed in accidents or die from unintentional injuries every day. It is also estimated that 100 children die, and 25,000 children are injured in school zone accidents in America each year. But, what can a parent do to prevent such accidents? It can be difficult to even comprehend that such accidents can occur, but we hope these tips will help you in ensuring your children, and the children around you, are as safe as possible.

Tips for Children on Child Safety

  1. Teach your children to always look for traffic and to always obey crossing guards. This will not only ensure your child’s safety, but also the safety of other drivers and their children.
  2. Make sure your child knows about the danger zones of school buses. Staying out of the bus driver’s blind spots is an easy way to keep your child from being hurt on the way to school.                                      Danger Zone school bus
  3. Additionally, try to instill a sense of respect for the bus drivers in your children. To ensure that your child is the safest they can be, make sure that they know to sit down as much as possible so that in the event of a bumpy ride they are not injured.
  4. Depending on your child’s age, weight, and height, you should consider getting a car seat or booster seat. Virginia law states that a child must use a restraining device up until the 8th birthday and CarSafety.gov further recommends that children be kept in booster seats until they are tall enough to use a seat belt.

Tips for Parents on Child Safety

  1. Pay extra attention to your surroundings and observe the posted speed limit if driving your child to school. 52% of reported accidents occur within 5 miles of home, and 77% occur within 15 miles! This is partially because you are driving more in that area, but also because you are more likely to get comfortable in the area you live in. Vigilance is key!
  2. Be especially wary within your own neighborhood. There may be new children to the area who are unfamiliar with school year traffic patterns. The same thing applies if you are new to an area and haven’t observed traffic patterns yet.
  3. It is good to encourage your child to be active, but make sure they know not to play too roughly! Show them some pictures of injuries. Nothing graphic, but just enough for a child to understand the consequences of their actions.
  4. Always hold the hand of your young child as he or she crosses the street. Drivers often have a hard time seeing small children behind them, but will have no problem seeing an adult.
  5. Never pass a stopped school bus. It is easy to remember nowadays with the swinging stop signs attached to buses, but it can be hard to see small children crossing the street. As a rule of thumb, wait to move until the bus itself has stopped moving.
  6. If you are driving your child, then make sure you know the pickup and drop off procedures in the school zone. Too often it becomes a mad dash to see who can get their kids in and out fastest, and this is a likely cause for injury.

We hope these tips will be helpful in keeping you and your children safe! Remember that while child safety is important, so is fostering a sense of independence in your child, so take care not to coddle. From our family to yours, we wish you a happy and safe school year, with many more to come. 

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