It Matters Where You Close!

A Locally Established Title Company Knows Best

You have found the perfect city, perfect neighborhood, and the perfect house. The only thing left to do is close! Picking a title company to help close on your dream home or construction loan can seem daunting. A quick Google search shows hundreds of results. A deeper look shows that many are not even close to your perfect city, let alone familiar with your property and its surroundings. Big national title companies can sometimes be impersonal and distant. A locally established, well-respected title company that’s invested in your community is best.

Care & Attention

One of the biggest benefits in choosing a locally established title agency is personalized attention. They take care of their own; they have a reputation to uphold. There are all types of closings such as foreclosure closings and for sale by owner closings, find out what level of experience they have. They will have archived referrals and recommendations from previous customers and community members such as real estate agents, local lenders, repair companies, and even neighbors. Local title companies are not only familiar with the community -- the community is familiar with them. To them it’s more than just efficiently closing your home. They’re working towards the betterment of the community they live in -- the community you just joined.  

National agencies might end up sending an inexperienced attorney or even a notary rather than a lawyer who will probably do the closing in your home or place of work. Reliability also factors in. National title companies may forget or misplace your paperwork, failing to release paid mortgages from a homeowner’s title records. Mistakes such as this lead to a defective title and a long walk uphill when it comes to selling or refinancing the property. These slip-ups typically do not happen with local title companies that serve a more concentrated customer base.

Knowledge & Familiarity

A title company established and operated locally knows the area and all the laws pertaining to it. Being from the area in which they conduct business, local title companies are more likely to be familiar with changes in the real estate landscape as well as any changes to pertinent laws. National companies may be a step behind with the laws and regulations of your new city, leading to improper filings such as faulty deed and unpaid real estate taxes. For example, in Virginia, local environmental factors help to determine which home inspections are required prior to closing. Important knowledge like this is priceless when considering the future of your property.  

In addition to the area and it’s laws, local title companies will know all the players involved in the closing process. They tend to know one another’s procedure and work together to ensure best practices adhered to for a smooth closing.

It Matters Where you Close®

Closing is the final step to owning your new home. Don’t trust just any closing facilitator with this crucial process. Locally established, highly rated, professionals are your best bet. Look around, get referrals, and check their history in the community. It’s worth your time.

Have questions? We have the answers! Contact us Titlequest, Chesapeake VA.



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